West Ashley residents react to recent shootings in their neighborhood


Charleston Police say they're increasing patrols in one West Ashley neighborhood after several shootings in less than a month.

On March 1, a man was shot on Hazelwood drive. Tuesday, a student was shot at an apartment complex on Ashley Crossing Drive and on Thursday, another man was shot outside apartments on Hazelwood Drive. 

Lonnie Davis, a long time resident of Hazelwood Drive, says he's noticed an increase in crime in his neighborhood.

"Like anybody else, that's a real concern of mine and when I see this happen it gets me kind of frustrated," said Davis. 

He's not the only one feeling unsettled.

"I don't feel too safe," said Gloria Brown, West Ashley resident.

Several other residents told Live 5 there's already heavy police presence in the area, but the problems happen when they're not around.

Davis says he knows who is causing the crime, and it's not his neighbors.

"This neighborhood is not bad, you've just got people who come through or come around sometimes and make it bad," said Davis.

He hopes that local law enforcement will be more proactive in driving out those who don't belong.

"That's why they can't stop the crimes, that's why they can't stop the shootings, because they keep thinking it's the people that are in the neighborhood," said Davis. "No, it's the people that come around, don't belong around here hanging out."

Davis says now is the time for his community to come together and start talking about the issue.

"Somebody has got to do something, the shootings have got to stop somewhere," said Davis.

In the end, they've all got the same worry.

"I don't want anybody to get hurt," said Brown.

"I cant see a child getting hurt," said Davis.

Charleston Police say they've identified one suspect from the March 27 shooting.

A spokesman for Charleston Police says they don't believe the three shootings are related and they are continuing to investigate each separately. All three shooting victims were shot in the leg, and are expected to be okay.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office also has jurisdiction in part of this neighborhood as well.

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