DD2 officials talk 'Common Core' at Wednesday meeting

DD2 officials talk 'Common Core' at Wednesday meeting

The controversial Common Core Initiative has parents in Dorchester District Two looking for answers.

District Superintendent Joe Pye met with parents Wednesday night who worry the curriculum is too difficult. Common Core is a different type of teaching strategy that requires students to show how they arrived at their answers.

DD2 officials say they will adopt the curriculum once they get the go-ahead from the state.

According to Superintendent Pye, Common Core Standards will be a good thing for South Carolina.

"The advantage s that it's a common playing field. No longer will people laugh saying South Carolina is 48th when indeed our standards are the highest in the nation," said Pye. "Our tests may be the toughest, but they don't care to hear that. They just look and say your schools are not producing."

District Superintendent Joe Pye says he wants his marching orders from the state as soon as possible so teachers can be better prepared.

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