Four-legged officers key to bridge run security

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Fixo is ready for his handler of four years to put him to work sniffing and searching. The seven-year-old German Shepherd is part of the Charleston County Sheriff's Office bomb squad team.

"We have several diagnostic equipment that we utilize to assist in our searching and sweeping of events and venues, but the dog by far is the greatest tool we have in making sure the venues are clear of any hazardous items," says Lieutenant Patrick Morris, bomb squad commander for the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say the K-9's have come in from all over the state.

"They all have national certifications. They all train constantly, and they're constantly out here trying to better their skills."

Lieutenant Morris says, as they learn about new explosives and techniques like the pressure-cooker explosive used in the Boston bombing, so do the dogs.

"Our dog handlers are exceptionally good at keeping up on current events, on current hazards and developing training for their dogs to make sure that the dogs are able to detect them."

Lieutenant Morris says it isn't standard practice to search walkers and runners unless there are suspicious circumstances.