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Survival training prepares JBC airmen for chemical and biological threats

Survival training at the Joint Air Force Base Wednesday morning consisted of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

14 airmen geared up, preparing for the worst possible scenario.

"It's super serious," said course leader Sergeant Nicholas Olson. "If they did encounter one of these threats, it could be a matter of life or death."

Then, they put their training to the test.

"Wearing the mask, wearing the gear, being able to identify an unexploded ordinance," said Sergeant Olson. "And, then calling in contamination on the M.A. Paper."

Select airmen are required to take the course every 2 years. While they say they haven't actually had to use what they learn in real life scenarios, they don't feel the training is pointless.

"Nothing that we do is pointless," said Tech Sergeant Ryan Michalec. "Everything is regurgitated over and over again. So that when something like it does happen, then we know what to do without having to think about it."

Michalec says he's been deployed four times and feels this training makes him feel prepared for the most dangers situations.

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