Lowcountry teacher remembers Colbert as a student

Colbert: from Lowcountry boy to TV funny man


"He was fairly quiet," Sue Chanson says of comedian Stephen Colbert, whom she taught in high school.

CBS announced Thursday that Colbert would take over "The Late Show" when current host David Letterman retires some time in 2015.

Chanson recalls that as a student, the television funnyman "wasn't terribly outgoing."

"He wasn't the class clown or cut-up or any of the things you might think he would have been," Chanson said. But she calls herself one of Colbert's biggest fans today. "I love to watch his show. I watch it every night!"

Recently, Colbert apologized to his former teacher on national television, which Chanson refers to as her "15 minutes of fame." Colbert admitted he had never read "The Great Gatsby," a book Chanson had assigned the class to read.

"I tried to show my grandchildren. I wanted some street cred for knowing Stephen Colbert, and their only comment was, 'Did he mean you?' So they don't think I have any street cred," Chanson said.

Colbert will be 50 in May. Letterman turns 67 Saturday.

Comedy Central has not announced a replacement for Colbert or the show that currently carries his name.

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