Group pushing for new high school in Mt. Pleasant and school improvements

Group pushing for new high school in Mt. Pleasant and school improvements

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Overcrowded schools East of the Cooper have gotten the attention of parents and Mount Pleasant town council members.

To solve the problem, voters will have to extend taxes in November.

Charleston County school board member, Elizabeth Moffly represents that part of the district and isn't sure if voters will buy it.

"I think the big priorities are a second high school and a new Carolina Park Elementary school," said Kate Darby.

Darby is a parent of recent graduates of Wando High School. She's a member of Mt Pleasant's Blue Ribbon Committee, a group that presents ideas to the school board, along with one other parent and 3 council members.

Darby said, "We really want to focus on making sure the building needs for Mount Pleasant are being met."

Work is underway on the Center for Advanced Studies at Wando High School.  It will make way for 600 more students.

Darby says that isn't enough. She says the biggest school in the state has more kids than it was built to hold.

"Wando adds about 100 students every year and Mount Pleasant is growing. The whole East Cooper area is growing and we just feel like and we're getting input for parents that it's time for a second high school," said Darby.

Darby and members of the committee want to do away with the overcrowding issue. But first, Charleston County voters must approve an extension of the one-cent sales tax building program.

Charleston County school board member Elizabeth Moffly said, "I think we need to be smart when we present this to the voters."

Moffly represents the Mount Pleasant area. She says they have to consider all of the needs in the county.

"What can you afford and what can you not afford. If you're going to need 120 million in Mount Pleasant, that's going to leave 200 million plus for the other projects."

With that being said, Moffly says she does recognize the need in her area.

"We only have 1 high school to North Charleston's six and all of the enrollment combined in North Charleston does not total the enrollment that we have in our one high school here at Wando," said Moffly.

Moffly also says she's worried about a crowded voting ballot in November.

Along with many elections, voters will also have to make a decision on the Charleston County Public Library building referendum of $103 million.

Moffly says she doesn't know if voters will want to pay the taxes. ?

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