Charlotte airport reverses ticket fine on Hanahan woman

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - A Hanahan woman says a parking ticket erroneously given to her at the Charlotte Douglas Airport has been reversed after airport officials investigated the incident.

According to Jennifer Pate, she was contacted by airport officials on Tuesday and was told that an employee had made a keying error which prompted her license number which led to a parking ticket. Pate says the error has been clarified and she is not responsible for the fine.

Pate told Live 5 News' Harve Jacobs on Monday that she had never been to Charlotte and was shocked when she discovered the ticket.

Pate's Good Friday suddenly turned very bad when she went to check her mail. She opened up an envelope and saw a summons for an unpaid parking ticket from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

"Oh my gosh, I've got a delinquent violation, a parking ticket," Pate said when she saw the summons.

The letter ordered Pate to pay the $25 ticket plus a $10 penalty.

After looking more closely at the summons, Pate says she saw some red flags. The model of the car listed in the ticket was a Ford. Pate says she doesn't own a Ford.

"The license tag they indicated on it is indeed a license tag of the vehicle I own, but the make of the vehicle is not correct," Pate said.

She says there is one more important detail.

"Never been to Charlotte."

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