Airport restaurant server gets big tip, very special note

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Mijai Wallace works at Bad Daddy's inside the airport. Last Thursday was a lot like any other day. Nothing seemed unusual about the woman with the ponytail.

"I brought her her check she gave her credit card," Wallace said.

The woman was in and out, bound for a flight to somewhere else. But what she left behind, was one of the best tips Mijai has ever gotten.

"It was actually 60 bucks in there instead of $20 and I turned around to say thank you and she was gone," Wallace said.

The money was much needed for a single mom of two young boys, but the note that came with it, was worth the most.

Mijai found the following written on a piece of notebook paper: "My dog has been in critical condition for a week, when I landed in Charlotte, I got the news that the life-saving surgery she had this morning was successful. She will be ok! She will come home this weekend! I want to share my happiness with someone else. Have a drink on me and toast her good health. Her name is Scout."

Mijai did just that. She took a picture of herself with a drink and her own handwritten note that said, "Keep waggin' that tail Scout! Get well soon."

When we interviewed Mijai she said she only hoped she had gotten the woman's name or saved her receipt. But she didn't. With no way to find her, she just hoped this story might someone end up in front of the mystery woman. "I want her to know that I did share in her happiness and I was very happy for her," Mijai said. "And I would love to see what Scout looks like!"

Who wouldn't? As it turns out a needle in a haystack, is a lot easier to find on the internet. I searched Twitter for two simple words, Scout and surgery, only hoping Scout's Mom was into social media. Turns out she is.

The beautiful beagle that wasn't expected to live, is at home near Atlanta recovering with her Mom, Heather Hogan. Heather created a web page for people to donate money to help with Scout's medical bills. So far, donors have contributed more than $11,000 to help the old girl get better.

Mijai and Heather were strangers. Now they have a common bond built on kindness... And a very lucky sweet girl named Scout.

To see Scout's page and keep up with her recovery, go to

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