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Holden, MO, sees significant damage after storm sweeps through

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People in a Johnson County, MO, town are still a little shaken up by a storm that swept through Thursday afternoon.

The storm that went through Holden snapped trees in half, ripped at least one from its roots and tossed it onto a house and downed power lines.

The buzz from a chainsaw neighbors used to chop up a toppled tree was music to Betty Oxley's ears and a far cry from the crashing sound from earlier that had her on edge.

"I thought it was hail until I pulled the window back and the tree was coming into the window," Oxley said.

The damage was part of a violent storm system that swept through Holden, scaring neighbors and wreaking havoc. Telly Miles lives on the same street as Oxley and helped cut down the tree that landed on her home.

"The police were down here and I looked and I saw this tree on her home so I thought I'd help her out and get that off there," Miles said.

Most of the damage in Holden happened on the south side of town. Afterwards some homes had blue tarps on their roofs and other neighbors used chainsaws to clear away debris.

A shed in Hattie Braun's backyard is now a pile of rubble, a casualty of the worst storm she's seen in decades.

"I've lived here 69 years all my life and I love my little town. But it was sure scary today," she said.

At Eighth and Pine streets, Oxley is able to sleep comfortably Thursday night, now that the tree is off of her house.

"It's wonderful. They're good neighbors," she said.

The task of removing the tree was pretty dangerous because if the tree fell at a certain angle, it would have taken out the entire front porch.

The whole town is counting their blessings that there were no injuries from the storm.

The National Weather Service said a tornado did not go through the area, but the damage was caused by a burst in straight line winds in the 70 to 80 mph range.

They and KCTV5's chief meteorologist said radar showed an area of localized enhanced wind that went through Holden about 1:30 p.m.

People in Buckner, MO - located about 40 miles north of Holden - also reported damage from the storms.

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  • Holden, MO, sees significant damage after storm sweeps throughMore>>

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