Historic N. Charleston community wants in on benefits of development boom

Historic N. Charleston community wants in on benefits of development boom

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Change is in the air for an historic North Charleston neighborhood.

Homes and businesses are popping up all around the Liberty Hill community near Park Circle.

People living there say they don't want to be left out.

"Boy people don't know, I've done some work in my life," said 98-year-old Ellis Thompson.

Thompson has worked many jobs since moving to Liberty Hill in North Charleston 60 years ago.

Just across the street is another long-timer of the area.

Lincoln Elliott said, "Raised and born."

Elliott's father is the pastor of Little Bethel Reformed Pentecostal Holiness Church.

"From the time I could remember we been helping people within the community," said Elliott.

The community is made up of people like Thompson and Elliot. They say they're fine with the changes happening on the outskirts of their neighborhood, once the home of freed slaves 150 years ago.

A multi-million dollar transportation hub for busses and trains will be built down the street.

The Mixson neighborhood just announced the addition of nearly 100 new homes. And lots are filling up quickly at the nearby Oak Terrace Preserve subdivision.

"We are very excited for the developments that are happening," said Mattese Lecque, a member of the Liberty Hill Improvement Council.

She also says they don't want to be forgotten by the city.

"If I was a person who was buying in the Mixson area or the Oak Terrace Preserve and I had to use East Montague as an avenue to get home, I would want that to be just as beautiful as the new neighborhoods being developed."

Lecque says her neighborhood should have landscaping that matches the new neighboring communities.

"If you look at Mixson Avenue project, they have parallel parking, palm trees. It's just a beautiful landscape," said Lecque.

Lecque says they suggested that plan to the city.

"They were telling us that it couldn't happen, but now I do see that by looking at the Mixson project and the Oak Preserve Terrace that those things are a possibility," said Lecque.

Lecque says the area is a village that should continue to be unified.

"Change is in the air and we hope that it comes to Liberty Hill, so I'm looking forward to that," said Lecque.

Members of the Liberty Hill Improvement Council say they plan to continue to voice their concerns to city leaders.?

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