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Theater company's spring productions a success just weeks after fire destroys costumes


Beth Hyams has been sewing since she was 11.

"I started off small and simple and, eventually, made my own prom gowns."

Now, she is the primary costume designer for the Charleston Youth Company, volunteering with them for six years. She says her skills and strength were put to the test last month.

"Everything, everything for this production was in there. Some of them still in material form. Some of them had already been made."

Hyams says the fire started in the in the sun room, which was also her sewing room. She says one of the toughest calls she has ever had to make was that night to the owner of the company.

"One of the first calls I made were to Chuck and Judy Long to tell them what happened, and I still couldn't believe I had to make that call. It really hurt."

"Oh, my heart just sank,” says Chuck Long. “I didn't even think about anything with the company. Honestly, all I cared about was her and her family to make sure they were safe. In fact, it didn't even hit me that our costumes had been in her house."

Hyams says, since the fire, she's had too many long nights, but she was determined remake the 25 or so costumes that were destroyed.

"Some of them stand out more than others and this one will definitely be up in the top three."

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