Residents frustrated over future building near Shem Creek, call it a "monstrosity"

Residents frustrated over future building near Shem Creek, call it a "monstrosity"

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Sixty-five-year-old Jimmy Bagwell says he's upset over the town's decision to build what he calls a monstrosity.

"The town council is not paying attention to what the people in this area are having to say, and I think this is the worst part of this whole thing."

This is a preliminary design of the 4-story office building and parking garage that will be built at the corner of Coleman Boulevard and Mill Street. Mt. Pleasant Mayor Linda Page says the structure is a done deal. She says seven of the town council members voted in favor of the project. Council member Gary Santos, who organized Wednesday's meeting, was the dissenting voice.

"We want the citizens involved. They are the stakeholders here"

Santos agrees more parking is a must, but he says the structure will take over the character and beauty of Shem Creek.

"If you look at the structures around Shem Creek right now that would be completely out of place. Nobody wants to come over Shem Creek Bridge and stare at a big five-story building"

Others raised traffic concerns.

"Mill Street is a small road. Coleman Boulevard is it going to get backed up...We've asked for a traffic study, and we've yet to receive one," says Mt. Pleasant resident Jim Owens.

Santos says the residents must be part of the process. He says he hopes for better communication between town officials and their constituents.

"When the notices are put out to where they don't understand it, then they really don't know what's going on."

The Mayor says no zoning was modified during the approval process. She says the design hasn't been finalized. According to the developer's website, construction will begin at the end of the summer.