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Some charges dropped for man arrested on Arthur Ravenel Bridge

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The man that police arrested on top of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge after a short chase on Friday has had some of his charges dropped because authorities say he is from another country and did not understand why officers were trying to pull him over.

Officials with the Mount Pleasant Police Department say they attempted to stop the man, 30-year-old Hazma Maouche, for reckless driving when they activated their lights and sirens.

When the man finally did stop, investigators say he was very confused and said he was in the area from Algeria for a military class. He told the officers he didn't know the blue lights and sirens meant to stop because there are "no blue lights like that" in his country, the police report states.

Police have dropped the failure to stop for blue lights charge and are only charging the man with reckless driving.

Authorities had shut down two southbound lanes during the incident. Police say around 4:17 p.m. an officer attempted to stop a vehicle for reckless driving on Coleman Boulevard near Whilden Street. 

According to police, the vehicle would not stop and a pursuit began along Coleman Boulevard and onto the Ravenel Bridge where the suspect stopped.

Maouche was taken into custody without incident, police say. Authorities were eventually able to reach Maouche's military captain, who spoke highly of him, stating Maouche was top of his military class, the report states.

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