Deputy details how he found loaded gun on middle school student

Deputy details how he found loaded gun on middle school student

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Sedgefield Middle School resource officer Corporal Gary Lipsey's instincts kicked in Tuesday morning when a parent told him her son was threatened by another student and she feared for his safety.

 "Once we got to my office, we asked the suspect what happened at the bus stop and he stated that he was just joking around and made a gun motion toward the victim,” Lipsey said.

After more questioning, Lipsey learned the 13 year old student had a loaded gun in his backpack.

The deputy was asked what may have happened if he didn't find the gun.

"God only knows. I hate to speculate, but at least we were able to catch it this time."

Lipsey says the suspect told him he brought the gun with him to defend himself.

Back in February, an 11 year old student at Beech Hill Elementary in Summerville bought a gun on a school bus.

He told deputies a similar story, that he too was afraid of another student who had a knife.

Melissa Moore with the organization "We Are Family", a group that works to stop bullying, says kids who feel threatened act out in different ways and sometimes that includes bringing a gun to school.

Moore says schools need to take what she calls a therapeutic approach toward bullying.

 “That doesn't pit the bully against the victim, but kind of approaches both the bully and the victim with care and support.”

Schools say they are doing their part to stop bullying through education and prevention.

Both Charleston and Berkeley County schools have a hotline parents and students can call to report a bully.

Dorchester School District Two has a form in the student handbook and a link on the web for parents to anonymously report bullying.

Dorchester District Four has boxes in its schools for students to leave anonymous tips.

All in the hopes of stopping bullying before it gets to the point where a gun is brought to school.

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