Experts share tips to cut energy costs, weatherize your home

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Now that the heat is on the Lowcountry, chances are, so is your air conditioner.

But if the price of keeping cool is causing you to break a sweat, experts say, you don't have to.

As part of its spring "Home Weatherization Blitz," SCE&G volunteers have been working to increase energy efficiency in homes throughout the state, also sharing tips for homeowners looking to take on the project themselves.

A few of the fixes include caulking or replacing windows and doors, painting, and insulating.

Throughout the month, homeowners in Summerville and North Charleston received many of those fixes through SCE&G free of charge.

The company worked with the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity and the Charleston County Human Services Commission to identify the Lowcountry recipients.

"The intent is that ultimately, we make their energy bills more manageable," Wright said.

The SCE&G serviceman also added to check for drafts of air coming through a door or window, also keeping an eye on irregular energy bills when deciding if it's time to weatherize your home.

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