Blood found inside missing Hollywood woman's home; Friend fears the worst

Blood found inside missing Hollywood woman's home; Friend fears the worst


Officials with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office say blood was found inside the home of a missing 77-year-old Hollywood woman.

According to investigators, a "noticeable" amount of blood was found at the home of Julia Ann Mudgett.

The news follows on the heels of new details that emerged earlier today from a report released by the sheriff's office.  Mudgett left a voicemail for a friend on Sunday, the last day deputies believe anyone heard from her.

The friend says Mudgett sounded "normal." However, when they checked on her Tuesday, they found the front door window shattered and what they said was an "obvious sign of a struggle." CCSO Major Eric Watson said the shattered glass was consistent with someone trying to enter the home.

Mudgett and her car were gone, and her three dogs were left there alone.

Another close friend, Kathy Gordon, says her heart is heavy from fears Mudgett may never be coming back.

"Just fully of life would talk your ear off. Just sweet, caring, gentle, would do anything for anybody, just a precious precious lady," Gordon said of Mudgett, who she calls a loving woman who used to rescue animals.

"I remember one time her calling me just distraught because she had rescued a squirrel that died overnight. She was just so, so loving to animals and just had a real deep heart for the underdog, so to speak," Gordon said.

Mudgett lives alone in her mobile home on Toogoodoo Road, with family out of state, Gordon says.

"She was very independent, it wasn't an odd thing to run into her at 9 o'clock at night at the Piggly Wiggly - buying sweets, she loved her sweets," Gordon said.

Gordon says despite Mudgett being on oxygen, she was in good health and it is out of character for her to just disappear. She has an absolutely clear mind, did not suffer from dementia and would not have just wandered off and get lost, Gordon says.

As more time goes by without authorities finding Mudgett, Gordon says she fears for the worst.

"Things don't look good for her right now, I am afraid," Gordon said.

"Her friends and I and her family, from what I understand, believe that Julia is dancing with The Lord right now," Gordon said. "This is just horrible that a 77-year-old woman has to come to this kind of a fate in a small town, it's just horrible. Not fair, so unfair."

Gordon is now begging the community to come together.

"Look for her, look for her car," she said. "Pray, pray unceasingly and just look for her and let's bring some closure to the family."

Gordon says Mudgett's closest friends were from the Mormon temple she attended and she never heard her friend mention anything about her neighbors.

As Live 5 News first reported Wednesday, Mudgett's next door neighbor was taken in for questioning, and many of his belongings were confiscated. He's been released, but authorities have yet to say if he has been cleared in the investigation.

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