Locally designed phone app lets fans get up close at NFL draft

Locally designed phone app lets fans get up close at NFL draft

DANIEL ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Imagine being shoulder to shoulder with one of the future NFL stars at the NFL draft.

You can, through a brand new app that was designed by a software development company on Daniel Island.

Millions of people will be watching the draft on TV.

But what if you could watch what's going on there from several other angles?

That's where the Stre.am app comes into play.

 "Right now, if you wanted to go and stream live video to the world, what would you pick? We felt that question was unanswered,” said Jono Young, a designer for the software development company SPARC.

Young says the app takes live stream technology to another level because it's so fast.

"If you have an i Phone, you have the app on your i Phone, you can be live to the world in 15 seconds," said Young.

Once you get on the app, you can choose to live stream your own video.

Young showed us how it works.

"You're live to the world right now. Your stream's gonna show up here on the trending screens. So this is you, and you broadcast and say whatever you want to the entire world."

Or you can flip over to the watching mode and look at what other people are streaming from their phones.

That includes live video from fans at the NFL draft.

"So imagine somebody sitting over on the table with Johnny Manziel, they could be streaming what his emotions are, live as he's waiting for the next draft to be called," said Young. With Stre.am, you're going to be able to see 15, maybe even 20 different angles of that same reaction."

Young says the app is not just for football fans.

"It's really entertaining to sit down on the Stre.am website and watch what people do. We've seen unimaginable things. It's been real entertaining."

The app is free and can be shared to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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