Foods to boost your mood in the bedroom

Foods to boost your mood in the bedroom


Getting bored in the bedroom? Not to worry! Take a trip to your farmer's market or grocery store because a expert nutritionist says there are certain foods you can eat to boost your desire and enjoyment for sex.

Nationally recognized dietitian and sex therapist Nicolette Pace says there are certain items you might want to add to that grocery list.

"It's a complex relationship between sex and food," said Pace.

Pace teaches people around the country that what they're eating could impact how they feel in the bedroom.

Most people know some aphrodisiacs, like oysters and chocolate.

"The age old chocolate has been known to really be pleasurable to eat and has a mystic about it," said Pace.

Pace says the problem is, we eat too much of it and the wrong kind.

"To get the benefits from healthy chocolate, we want to go to the source, we really want to look at cocoa and the next runner up would be baking chocolate," said Pace.

A food that Pace says many do not know can boost your sex drive is watermelon.

"Watermelon is basically nature's Viagra," said pace. "Its high in L-Citruline, this is going to stimulate the production of L-Arginine, and that leads you to the production of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is very very key because it promotes a relaxation of the blood vessels and blood flow."

Another fruit pace says to pick up to get you in the mood is fig.

"In addition to helping to boost that nitrous oxide it also has a mystic to it as well," said Pace. "Many of these quote on quote aphrodisiacs foods tend to look like various organs as well so from ancient times these foods have been touted as ones that are great for sex."

"You can find them fresh at your farmers market," said Debbie Petitpain, licensed Sodexo nutritionist at Medical University of South Carolina.
Petitpain says all of paces' food recommendations for stimulating your sex drive are accurate.

"Every time we make these healthy choices, we can actually lower inflammation in our body and that's going help us with our feelings of energy our blood flow, our cardiovascular system, all of those things that get our blood moving into the right places," said Petitpain.

"Foods that promote ant inflammation are going to be key," said Pace.

Pace says getting your healthy serving of Omega-3 fatty acids, helps with your blood flow. Pace says this is key to a good sex drive.

"Seafood tops on the list for great sex," said Pace. "Not only does it have the protein components which will help improve hormone production, the testosterone and estrogen, but they also have zinc in there.

"Men do have some unique nutritional needs, zinc is one of them," said Petitpain. "Zinc has been shown to actually help with men's reproductive systems."

Grab some breathe mints at the store too because Pace says that garlic has a lot of benefits including anti inflammatory and anti bacterial.

"Notoriously people stay away from that, especially if they want to get up close and personal in the bedroom but it is really in the way that," said Pace.

Pace says these food don't have instant effects and that this is more of a lifestyle change. Bottom line - cleaning up your diet and getting healthy will help your sex life.

"They're all really healthy food choices, the healthier that we eat the more energy that we have," said Petitpain.

"The weight loss itself is going to shoot libido to the moon," said Pace.

Pace says these foods do impact men and women's hormones differently, but it varies for each person.

There are also foods that you're eating that may have the opposite effect and lower your sex drive, these include too many sugars and starches, which can spike your blood sugars and slow down your blood flow. 

Petitpain says alcohol has this negative impact as well.

Pace recommends that couples have an open dialogue and aim to incorporate these foods into their diet together. 

Pace provided us with a dinner meal full of natural foods, that she says will help couples set the mood.

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