Some Tri-County school districts still ironing out winter storm make-up days

Some Tri-County school districts still ironing out winter storm make-up days

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - With less than a month left in school, local school districts are finalizing make-up days from the winter storms.

A teacher's pay won't be cut because of loss days from the winter storms according Charleston County School District. This actually applies to the entire state.

The Department of Education released information to every district after lawmakers passed requirements for makeup days.

"It is our interpretation of the bill that forgave days for students also forgave the attendance for teachers. It would not be required to dock a teacher for those missed days."

Charleston County school leaders are looking at two possible makeup days near the end of the school year. That plan isn't set just yet, but district officials are working on it.

Make-up days for Berkeley County have been set.

May 29th, originally a half day for high school students will now be a full day. All students will have a full day on May 30th.

Originally a teacher workday, June 2nd will now be a half day of school for all students in Berkeley County.

The school board of Dorchester District two is expected to discuss the plan for makeup days at its board meeting Monday night.

It is state law that every school district set aside three days in the calendar for extreme weather.

In March, lawmakers passed approval for districts to waive up to five days missed due to weather, but they must use the three makeup days first.

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