No new clues found in weekend search for missing woman

New search for missing Brittanee Drexel planned for Saturday

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WCSC) - The latest search for a woman who disappeared from Myrtle Beach five years ago produced no new clues, police say.

Investigators searched for Brittanee Drexel, who was 17 years old when she disappeared in April, 2009, on private property in Georgetown County.

According to Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes, there are no specific plans for a new search, though the investigation is ongoing.

The Georgetown property had been searched before, Knipes said, but authorities hoped a review of the area might turn up new leads and wanted to make sure all of the bases were covered.

So far, every search has come up empty for investigators.

A similar search was launched two months earlier, when investigators received new cell phone data not available at the time of the initial searches.

Drexel was last seen on surveillance video leaving the Bluewater Resort in Myrtle Beach and walking on South Ocean Boulevard. Drexel's face has been featured on billboards. Police say tips keep on coming in and that the case is open and active.

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