Police: Suspect in magistrate burglary arrested after going to officer’s home

Police: Suspect in magistrate burglary arrested after going to officer’s home

ANDERSON, SC (WYFF) - A man with a warrant for second-degree burglary was arrested after approaching a police officer’s home and then running away, according to Lt. Tony Tilley with Anderson police.

Tilley said Kendrick Hoover and a woman approached the home of the officer. He said the woman knocked on the door of the home and asked for someone by name.

According to Tilley, the officer recognized Hoover as having a warrant and at that time Hoover started running.

A police report said Hoover ran behind several businesses, jumped over a wall, and into the woods before an officer caught up with him and told him he was under arrest for prowling.

The report said the officer told Hoover to get on the ground, and when he did not comply the officer used a Taser on him. According to the report, Hoover at first gave officers a false name and then told them who he was.

Hoover was charged with prowling and misrepresentation of identity to law enforcement. During a search, a silver coin found in Hoover’s pocket matched the description of a coin taken from a burglary on May 7, according to a police report.

Silver coins were reported missing from a burglary at an Anderson magistrate’s home, according to an incident report on that burglary. Tilley said investigators are looking into the possibility that Hoover is connected to other cases, including the burglary at the magistrate’s home.

Magistrate Dan Sharp’s wife called police, saying she came home and found a screen ripped and a small window broken at their home. She told police she assumed her husband had forgotten the key and needed to get into the house but when she got inside, she noticed the house was ransacked.

Sharp’s wife showed police a rock that was found in the home that she believes the person used to breack the window of the door to get inside. More than a dozen silver coins, a TV, 2 Kindle Fires, a Nintendo, silver spoons, and personal documents were also taken from the home, the report said.

Anderson County authorities say they have four active warrants on Hoover for armed robbery, malicious damage to property, burglary and petit larceny.

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