Moncks Corner residents fed up over odor from waste plant

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - People who live in the area of Oakley Road say they are fed up with the stink coming from a waste disposal facility, and on Monday they turned to county council for help.

Residents say they've been patient, but the odor has become worse. They say the smell has been a problem since early 2013, shortly after the plant opened.

GenEarth, which recycles waste products, says some of that waste is heat-treated to kill bacteria. Representatives say that process has created the smell. They say they're working to reduce the smell through various filtration and scrubber systems and have spent $150,000 on odor-control methods.

Residents say they don't know what to do at this point...except reach out to county and city officials.

"Myself, as well as several people here and several people not here, have given them detailed, specific complaints for the course of the last year, and they have failed to address it, and they're still producing this odor that has absolutely, totally disrupted our ways of life," says Dan Barb, an Oakley Road resident.

"We understand that we have a problem with odor," says a GenEarth representative. "It's a surprise as Colin mentioned, and we're working very hard to deal with it. We're very disappointed that our odor is causing such tremendous problems for the residents of Berkeley County."

The Department of Health and Environmental Control say it's requiring improvements and will monitor the situation. DHEC is also processing a application permit, which will allow for an alternative treatment method, a proposal that GenEarth believes will reduce the odor.