A public vote, the final step to name new president of MUSC

A public vote, the final step to name new president of MUSC

The Board of Trustees at MUSC is expected to take a more public approach to its decision for president, after the controversial process last month.

The board, consisting of 17 members, will cast public votes today to ratify the decision to hire Dr. David Cole as the medical school's new president.

That leadership is something a lot of faculty and staff support.

"I've known Dr. Cole because he's been the chair of my department, the Department of Surgery," said Dr. Stephanie Montgomery, MD attending physician at MUSC. "You couldn't really find a better man to lead the university. He's very knowledgeable and fair. Beyond that, I think that he's a good human being. You want somebody in that type of position that's going to make good choices. That's good for the university and he's definitely that guy."

Others on campus, like nursing student Hannah Slavitt, feel past leadership is sign that the university is headed in the right direction with this decision.

"I'm pretty impressed with how the leadership in all the colleges have come together in response to the merger that's been proposed," said Slavitt. "So, I've seen a lot of internal coming together in order to sort of deal with that in the community."

The decision process was questioned because it was done via telephone. Many felt this secretive approach was dishonest.

Doctor Cole beat out Doctor Dr. Joanne Conroy, the Chief Health Care Officer for the Association of American Medical Colleges, with 10 votes to her 7.

So, despite the criticism with the initial voting process, the projected result in today's ratification is something many people at MUSC are on board with.

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