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Lawmakers could make buying alcohol legal on Election Day, illegal on Christmas


In some parts of the country, often times Election Day can drive a person to drink depending on the outcome. Well, in South Carolina, you're not currently allowed to buy alcohol on Election Day.

But lawmakers could be on the verge of a holiday switcheroo, making alcohol purchases on Election Day legal but making the practice illegal on Christmas Day.

Beverage company representatives say stores lose $1.5 million and the state loses more than $100,000 in taxes by not opening on Election Day.

"There may once have been a purpose for closing these stores on Election Day, but today the facts show otherwise," said Will Kenny from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. "States that have election day alcohol sales -- compared to South Carolina -- our voter turnouts are comparable."

The bill heads to the full Senate Judiciary Committee. A similar bill passed through the House with an overwhelming vote of 92-30.

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