Investigators frustrated by cases of two missing women in Charleston County

Investigators frustrated by cases of two missing women in Charleston County

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The disappearance of 77 year old Julia Mudgett from her Hollywood home brought back memories of another high-profile case in Charleston County.

Two years ago, Gayle McCaffrey was reported missing from her West Ashley home.

Investigators say Mudgett's case is looking like a murder and McCaffrey's case definitely is a murder.

"There's no similarities other than we don't have a body in either one," said Charleston County Sheriff's Major Eric Watson. "McCaffrey case, we really didn't have a good crime scene. This case we have a great crime scene."

What he means by a great crime scene is that lots of physical evidence was found at Mudgett's house.

"We have DNA evidence that was at the scene that will help us bring this case to a conclusion," said Watson

In the McCaffrey case, Watson says all investigators have to go on is their prime suspect, her husband, Bob McCaffrey.

"The only witness we have in the McCaffrey case is her husband and of course, he has not cooperated with us at all."

Jerry Lee Manigault isn't talking either, according to authorities. He's the suspect in Mudgett's disappearance, and is being held at the Charleston County Jail for failing to register as a sex offender.

Watson says for his investigators, these cases can be very frustrating because they work long hours to try to solve them.

"Our top priority is to bring the suspects to justice and when you have some suspects that really don't play along, go along with our investigators, that hinders us a great deal."

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