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Cat shot in legs released from vet to foster family


Surviving two gunshots, a little cat has shown just how much of a fighter he is. A Nashville tabby known as 'Timmy' has pulled through a week of surgeries to finally leave the vet. Now, a new foster family is thanking all the caring people who helped Timmy come this far.

"That's a cat," said Kim Kmiec of the Nashville Cat Rescue, pointing out Timmy to her 15-month-old son, Graham. "That's going to be your new foster cat to help take care of."

Kmiec said part of being mom is making sure Graham loves and protects animals.

"I want to raise him to be an animal advocate," said Kmiec. "He's been to animal control with me. He's been to animal events with me."

Graham was with his mom again as she took on a unique responsibility, becoming a foster owner for Timmy.

"It's very disturbing to think someone would purposefully do this to an animal," said Kmiec. "It's one thing if they're hit by a car, but this was something very intentional."

Monday, a good Samaritan found Timmy near the Nashville fairgrounds, in pain from two gunshot wounds to his front legs. Nashville Cat Rescue brought Timmy to Bluepearl Veterinary Partners where his right leg went through surgery while the left had to be amputated.

In a change of fortune, Timmy's story went viral. Donations started pouring in until Timmy's blood transfusion, surgeries and medications were paid in full in three days.

"We were getting donations from New York, from Washington state, from Kentucky," said Kmiec. "I would say more than 90 percent of donations came from middle Tennessee."

Kmiec said that's a sign of Timmy's new life, surrounded by people who care during the wait to find a forever home. With Timmy breathing deep, sound asleep from going through so much, Graham reached out to touch a new friend.

"I think he's going to love Timmy, yeah," laughed Kmiec. "That's very important to me so we can prevent this kind of thing in future generations. He can be the kid that stands up and says, 'No! We're not going to do that.' "

Nashville Cat Rescue Workers said there have already been six applications turned in to adopt Timmy. If you'd like information on how to apply to give Timmy a forever home, you can contact Kmiec at kim@nashvillecatrescue.org.

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