Frustration grows as Bees Ferry Road construction is behind schedule

Frustration grows as Bees Ferry Road construction is behind schedule

From the widening the road, to installing a sidewalk, to putting in a traffic light, the Bees Ferry Road widening project entails a lot.

People who drive the 4.5 mile road say they're getting tired of being greeted by orange barrels on their daily commute.

"It has been going on too long," said West Ashley resident John Cuff. "I thought it was supposed to end maybe 5 months ago. And, it just keeps going on and on and there's no end in sight, really."

Despite Cuff's concerns, this $32 million project is expected to take more time.

"Construction completion date is June 30th; however, the contractor has requested more time," said project manager Devri DeToma. "We had almost everyday last June, it rained almost every day and we haven't gave them anymore time for that. We also had all the ice weather this winter. There have been some major utility delays that are out of the contractor's control. CSW has a water sewage project going on in the same area sothere'ss two very large projects going on together."

DeToma said now crews are working to make up for lost time. But, she said, the project is in the final stretch.

In the coming weeks, she said, expect big changes. In less than two weeks, a traffic light will go up at the intersection of Savannah Highway and Bees Ferry Road.

"Because we are behind schedule, we're trying to work the contractor to help people out," said DeToma. "We're trying to get that intersection open. By July, they expect to have all the way from Church Creek, which is Hickory Farms, all the way to 17 complete, all the widening all. Four lanes of traffic, which will be good. And then, after that, we'll focus on Church Creek to Hwy 61."

As these changes approach, expect more inconveniences.

That includes overnight lane closures on Savannah Hwy, near Bees Ferry Road.

This is so workers can install a concrete median at various locations along Bees Ferry Road for asphalt paving.

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