Crime victim wants additional officers on Moncks Corner police force

Crime victim wants additional officers on Moncks Corner police force

A Moncks Corner crime victim says the town needs more police officers to patrol the streets.

Patricia Whaley says her Moncks Corner street has seen its share of crime over the years.

"Every house on this street besides one has been affected by crime, ours alone three times," said Whaley.

It was a break in at her neighbor's house that was the last straw when it came to crime.

"To know that a small child is scared to go into his bedroom and go to sleep at night, that really got to me," Whaley said.

Whaley did some research on crime in her neighborhood and other parts of town.

She says when she added up the numbers, one thing clearly stood out, that there are not enough police officers on the force.

According to the police chief, in 2001, there were 18 officers in the department.

Today, there are 25 officers on staff.

Whaley wants more cops hired.

"I am just trying to get help for our town's police."

Moncks Corner's Police Chief Chad Caldwell says Whaley is right on the mark.

"You never have too many policemen. I'd take as many as I can get," Caldwell said.

The chief says the area that his cops have to cover has doubled in the last four or five years.

"It's hard when you realize you do it 24 hours a day because you want the highest level of manpower you can get."

Caldwell says he will ask town council for additional officers for the new budget year that begins October 1.

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