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Despite high gas prices, people hit the road for Memorial Day weekend

Despite high gas prices, reports show people are still hitting the roads this Memorial Day weekend.

AAA reports the average price for unleaded gas is $3.46 in South Carolina.

That's $0.22 higher, on average, than this time last year. But, there's an almost 10% increase in travelers this year.

Those high gas prices weren't enough to stop Bonnie Haney, who was headed to Virginia with her family.

She said traveling is all about being smart.

"So, if you have time, don't get your gas at the interstate," said Haney. "Go a little bit into the city and you'll be surprised, you can save up to 20 cents a gallon."

Foster Carter, in route to Miami for the weekend, agreed.

"Go online," said Carter. "Look at the gas prices in the state. You see where the lowest gas prices are, then be able to fill up there."

While some travelers hit the roads, the high gas prices have others staying put.

"With gas the way it is and the prices this year, we're just going to try to stay home and beat the heat," said Daniel Salvo.

Officials with AAA say the high prices can be attributed to higher demand, the cost-per-barrel and instability in the Ukraine.

As travelers cross state lines to enjoy the holiday weekend, many say the best thing to do is be informed.

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