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Hailstorm hits parts of the Midlands

Hail in Blythewood (Source: Kelly Cowan/Twitter) Hail in Blythewood (Source: Kelly Cowan/Twitter)

Some severe storms swept through the Midlands Friday night, causing some damage and power outages.

In Blythewood, residents reported golf ball sized hail as the storm passed through.

As the sky opened up, Christy Papiernik and her three kids prepared for the worst.

"I turned on the radio and listened for tornado warning and explained to the kids that if we had to abandon the car to get in a ditch," Papiernik said. "That was what we were going to have to do. There was a lot of debris, a lot of lightning, and we were ready to stay safe if we had to."

Two distinct waves of quarter-sized hail pummeled the Blythewood area just before sunset.

"I'd say that was up there," Papiernik said. "On a scale of one to ten, we were on our eight or nine range. That was pretty bad."

The North Carolina woman, who was headed to Charleston, wound up right in the middle of it.

"Well, I have three kids in the car, and it's enough to load this car down and try to make a three hour trip at this time of the evening, and when the storm unleashes, it's almost comical at this point as long as everybody's safe," Papiernik said.

The hail knocked out power in a lot of Blythewood and ruined Deborah Wright's dinner plans.

"Just like a lot of 'booms' and a lot of 'tings' and it's just like big hail all over the place," Wright said.

An experience so startling, it gets her teary eyed.

"Seek shelter and hope that's over soon," Wright said.

Wright and others are just glad it's over and nicer weather is on the way.

"You know, it's always an adventure when one parent is traveling alone with the kids, so as long as everybody's safe, you just chalk it up to another one on the road,"  Papiernik said.

Papiernik's dash suffered a small crack. To make matters worse -- her husband's car was also mangled by hail in Rock Hill.

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