Fit Family Challenge: Power Breakfasts

Fit Family Challenge: Power Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it helps us concentrate better, controls our appetite and keeps the cookie monster away. People who eat breakfast – especially one high in protein and fiber – are less likely to be overweight.

Try these simple breakfast combos:

  • Hard boiled eggs and an apple – so easy to grab on the way out the door
  • Plain Greek yogurt topped with berries and a high fiber cereal
  • Egg white omelet with spinach or other veggies and whole wheat toast
  • Scrambled eggs topped with salsa on a whole grain English muffin
  • Oatmeal with sliced strawberries on top and a glass of low fat milk
  • A wedge of cantaloupe and cottage cheese
  • Small whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and sliced bananas

Watch out for breakfasts made with refined white flour and sugar. A breakfast of 3 IHOP pancakes and syrup is more than 900 calories and 21 teaspoons of sugar.

Keep breakfast simple. Look for a source of protein like egg – which you can cook in the microwave in under 2 minutes - or low fat dairy and add a source of fiber like fruit or whole grains. Try to sneak some veggies into breakfast if you can – salsa on your eggs for example. Oh, and be sure to eat – not drink – your fruit.

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