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Some say Wilson Central food fight punishment goes too far


A senior prank ended with criminal charges on Friday. A cafeteria food fight got wild at Wilson Central High School, and now some feel the punishment also went too far.

It was the last day of classes for Wilson Central, so several seniors now won't be able to walk the stage at graduation.

The seniors who admit starting the whole thing wanted the kind of prank people would talk about for years.

"We all stood up and said 'food fight!' And just started throwing food," said Wilson Central senior Daren Romkee.

"Food was just flying. It was like a dog fight with food. It was like a war scene," said Wilson Central senior John Davidson.

Tables were turned over and chairs were thrown in the wild scene.

"This is going down in the books," Romkee said.

The teens say they accept the consequences of being charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct, but what they think goes too far is not taking the stage on graduation day.

"I think everything else we got is tolerable. You gotta do it. But walking the line, that's taking away something that's once in a lifetime, also," Davidson said.

It's become the talk of the school even for those who aren't in the graduation class. Some are wondering if it was a just punishment.

"It's a little harsh, because you only graduate high school once," said Wilson Central junior Bonnie Hamrick.

"It was their senior prank. I don't think it was worth their not being able to walk the line. But the food fight was worth it. I can mark it off my bucket list," said Wilson Central junior Kelsey Shipp. "Their parents are pretty mad about it. I would be, too."

A group of parents say they're going to the school board on Tuesday, saying they're upset about their seniors not taking part in the graduation ceremony.

The school principal didn't return a call for comment. But a representative in the central office told Channel 4 News the administration dealt with the incident according to the code of conduct.

It's just the latest Middle Tennessee school system to take action against students for school pranks in recent days.

Some Mt. Juliet High School students weren't allowed to attend their annual field day after laying down in a hallway while wearing pajamas.

And at Siegel High School, dozens of students were ordered to perform community service after vandalizing the school in a prank.

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