Police: Drunk driver crashes through three fences, damages church grounds

Police: Drunk driver crashes through three fences, damages church grounds in Bonneau

BONNEAU, SC (WCSC) - Police say a Moncks Corner man crashed through three fences and damaged church grounds in Bonneau, and now Bonneau's police chief is calling for safety improvements on that stretch of road.

When he bought his home a few months ago, Steven Fort had no idea he would be dealing with fixing fences.

Police say Fort's house is located right around a curve that speeding cars can't handle.

Two weekends ago someone drove into one of his fences. A tree stump stopped the car from going through it.

Early Sunday morning, while Fort was out at Bonneau Beach it happened again. This time, the car plowed through it.

"I'm telling you, I couldn't believe it when I walked out here and I was amazed. This can't be again and then realized he went all the way through the yard and I was really blown away," Fort said.

Police say the driver, 38-year-old Kevin Davis was driving drunk and kept on going.

Cops say Davis plowed through a chain link fence and a third fence on Fort's property, then crossed the road and did damage to some church grounds.

Bonneau's police chief says it could have been worse.

"If someone had been standing out here, it would have impaled them," Chief Franco Fuda said.

Fuda said the suspected drunk driver was going so fast, that when he hit that first fence, it literally exploded, turning the pieces into potentially deadly projectiles. A piece of the fence still stuck in the ground.

Fort says one any other weekend he may have been hanging out in the backyard at the time when the car came crashing through.

"Oh God yeah. We would have never known anything until he was coming through the yard."

After two close calls at Fort's house, Fuda wants DOT to put a flashing light before the railroad tracks on Black Oak Road. That would be fine with Fort.

"I can't have this going on every time. Next time, he's liable to wind up in my house."

The accused drunk driver Davis is facing several charges. They include DUI and malicious injury to a place of worship for the damage to the church grounds.

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