Mayor estimates West Ashley Greenway completion by end of 2015

Mayor estimates West Ashley Greenway completion by end of 2015

Almost a year and a half ago, the City of Charleston paved a large portion of the West Ashley Greenway. Then, the work stopped 3.4 miles in.

Now, just less than five miles of the path remains untouched, covered by gravel and tough terrain.

This stalled process adds frustration for people who use the path multiple times a week.

"Well, I've been anxious for them to repave it," said Christopher Marfia who lives just north of the Greenway. "I mean I've seen them put in the road and I've been counting the days when they put the pavement in."

Marfia said he rides his bike on the Greenway about three times a week. But, when the pavement ends, near Stinson Drive, he turns around.

Rachel Anderson shares the frustration and action. She lives off the Greenway, behind the gravel portion of the path, and brings her daughter Addison to walk almost everyday.

"I'm not a fan," said Anderson. "I wish it was a little bit smoother, like further down. Just because I usually put her in a stroller and it's not easy to navigate with the stroller."

Mayor Joe Riley said those frustrations are heard loud and clear. He said there are two more phases left with this four phase project.

"DOT has a grant that allows them to do the next phase which is a little over one mile," said Mayor Riley. "We hope that that will be underway soon and then there's two more phases that the city has a responsibility for. My goal is to identify that money in next year's budget."

Mayor Riley said paving the remainder of the Greenway is just a small part of the bigger vision.

"Eventually the greenway is going to be connected across the Ashley River," said Mayor Riley. "And then, I 526 completion will have a bike and pedestrian path. Then, the hope it for it to go all the way to James Island County Park."

Mayor Riley said he hopes to identify money for the project in next year's budget. Then, he said the project should see completion toward the end of next year.

So, as people who live around the West Ashley greenway experience frustrations with the delayed process, Mayor Riley has one message for them.

"Remember, other big projects in Charleston didn't happen overnight," said Mayor Riley.

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