Nine juveniles transported to Columbia following riot at Dorchester DJJ facility

Nine juveniles transported to Columbia following riot at Dorchester DJJ facility

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office say nine inmate juveniles were transferred to a facility in Columbia following a riot at a Department of Juvenile Justice evaluation center in Ridgeville.

Authorities say the riot happened at the Coastal Regional Evaluation Center Sunday night. DCSO, the Summerville Police Department and fire crews all responded to the incident.

The sheriff's office say an emergency call for assistance was sent out around 11 p.m. regarding a riot at the DJJ center on 331 Campbell Thicket Road. According to a report by the sheriff's office, 25 to 30 juvenile inmates were reportedly fighting, and DJJ officers needed help restoring order.

The Summerville Police Department was also notified of the incident and responded as well.

Deputies reported when they arrived inside of the facility at a common area, they could see 10 to 15 juvenile inmates walking around and yelling profanities at another set of juveniles who were located in a housing pod.

Authorities say they gave verbal commands to the juveniles in the common area to move away from the housing pods.

Officers then entered the first housing pod where DJJ officers were attempting to get inmates back to their cells. According to authorities, inmates on the second floor were holding chairs and threatening to throw them at officers, while on the first floor, inmates were yelling profanities.

Officials with the sheriff's office say the instigators of the riot were then identified and restrained. The sheriff's office says the remaining juveniles all went back to their cells after authorities commanded them to return.

The sheriff's office reported that authorities moved to the next housing unit and followed the same protocol. Deputies say DJJ officials along with Summerville police officers helped to secure the scene and detain the instigators in the unit.

The sheriff's office reported that there were no injuries sustained by officers or inmates.

DJJ officials reported that nine of the inmates involved in the riot were transported to a DJJ facility in Columbia.

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