Motorcycle bill aims to bring equal treatment in SC

Motorcycle bill aims to bring equal treatment in SC

Governor Nikki Haley will sign a Motorcycle Equal Access Bill Thursday afternoon that would mandate equal treatment toward motorcyclists across the state in all public areas.

This bill amends the Code of South Carolina to keep local local law enforcement agencies from denying access to motorcyclists on public highways, bridges, parking garages and essentially any publicly funded areas.

Under the bill, cities and counties have to make reasonable accommodations for motorcycle parking in lots and garages.

A lot of local motorcycle groups support this bill. They feel law enforcement has not treated them right for a long time and they say they're ready for a change.

"There's few municipalities, in particular, that want to stop motorcycles from parking in publicly funded taxpayer areas," said Abate Motorcycle club chapter leader. "If tax payers are paying for a garage, then they should not be allowed to tell us we can't park there."

Members of the Abate group feel the signing of this bill will bring more motorcycles to South Carolina.

Governor Nikki Haley will sign the bill at 3:30 p.m. at the North steps of the state house.

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