Woman accused of driving van into ocean bonds out of jail

Woman accused of driving van into ocean bonds out of jail

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WCSC/WKMG) - The woman accused of driving her van into the Atlantic Ocean with her children inside walked out of jail a day after a Florida judge reduced the bond set in the case from $1.2 million to $90,000.

WKMG-TV in Orlando is reporting Ebony Wilkerson walked out of the Volusia County jail late Friday night. As part of the conditions of her release, Wilkerson has to stay in Volusia County, must see a psychiatrist, and have no contact with her children.

Wilkerson, of North Charleston, South Carolina, said during a court hearing Thursday that she would stay in Florida if she was released on bond.

Wilkerson's been in custody since three days in March after driving into the ocean. Rescuers rushed to get the children out of the van.

Wilkerson also said she stands by allegations that her husband touched her child inappropriately but said she still thinks he is a proper caretaker for her newborn. Wilkerson had a baby on May 20, and the child's father has returned to South Carolina with the baby.

Wilkerson's psychiatrist, Jeffry Dansinger testified that Wilkerson is no longer a harm to herself and others and no longer has religious delusions.

Dansinger also talked about Wilkerson's history of mental delusions and hearing voices in her head.

"She alleged that she had been a victim of domestic violence and she presented at that time believing that people had done voodoo on her that her spouse could control her body and mind," Dansinger said, adding that she thought her TV was sending her messages.

He said Wilkerson is on anti-psychotic medications and needs to continue to take them if she is released.

Wilkerson is charged with three counts each of attempted murder and child abuse.

According to Sheriff Ben Johnson with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, Wilkerson tried to intentionally kill her three kids, ages 3, 9 and 10 by driving a van into the ocean at Daytona Beach. Police reports state that Wilkerson told authorities that she was trying to get away from her husband who she claimed had abused her.

Wilkerson's other kids are being cared for by the Florida Department of Children and families.

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