North Charleston town home complex with a history of crime is being sold

North Charleston town home complex with a history of crime is being sold

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A North Charleston town house complex with a history of crime is being sold.

Ashley Shores, which has been around for 49 years is closing, according to its owner.

This week, residents were told the complex is closing and that they would have move out by June 30th.

Owner Frank Ritter said he is selling the property in part because "an old lady who deserves some TLC."

Tenants aren't taking the news well.

"It's prime real estate, it's on the waterfront. There's been some crime issues, I understand that," said tenant Toya Holmes.

She is right on both fronts.

The property sits on the North Ashley River.

And there has been a history of crime.

Reports obtained by Live 5 News show since January 2013, North Charleston cops have been called to the complex more than 30 times for incidents involving guns, knives and sexual assaults.

So what will take the place of Ashley Shores?

The owner won't say until the sale goes through.

Documents from the office that handles property transactions in Charleston County may hold a clue.

One of the papers showed on May 15th, some kind of financial deal was made between the owner of Ashley Shores and a company that represents a beer brewing business.

Both Ashley Shores owner Ritter and a representative for the brewing company denied a brewery will be put on the property.

The only guarantee is that something will eventually go there.

Ashley Shores has 154 town homes.

Right now between 80 and 110 families live there.

The owner said he hates to tell the tenants they have to move, but says it is perfectly legal.

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