Summerville hairstylist sues over Georgia train crash

Summerville hairstylist sues over Georgia train crash

SAVANNAH, GA (AP) - A member of the film crew struck by a freight train in southeast Georgia while working on a movie about singer Gregg Allman has filed a lawsuit against Allman and the movie's producers.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday by 43-year-old hairstylist Joyce Gilliard of Summerville, South Carolina, is the second suit filed in Savannah in the past week. Gilliard's lawyers say she suffered "permanent physical injuries" from the crash.

Gilliard's suit closely resembles one brought last week by the parents of Sarah Jones, a camera assistant killed in the Feb. 20 train crash. Both suits say the movie's producers did not have permission to shoot on train tracks owned by CSX railroad.

An attorney for Allman has said the singer had no involvement in the physical shooting of the film.

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