Project Cool Breeze kicks off its 15th year

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's cooler than usual for June, but Project Cool Breeze is already getting warmed up.

Project Cool Breeze has been around for 15 years now and helps people over 60 in the Lowcountry cool down their homes during the hot Charleston summers through donated air conditioning units and fans.

The project is the idea of State Representative Wendell Gilliard, who said the project is important to the health of the area's senior citizens.

"I think we had to show our senior citizens first off that we care about them," Gilliard said. "Secondly, that we want to show them that we care about them and then by this effort here, knowing that we had a major problem not only in Charleston with the heat index here, but throughout the tri-county."

During the kickoff today, two Hollywood council members donated 100 dollars each and a Charleston councilman also kicked in 100 dollars. He challenged the rest of the council to match his donation.

Last year, the program donated 23 fans with 26 requests and gave out 364 A/C units with 461 requests.

If you want to donate a fan, or see if you qualify for one, call (843) 720-1987. You can start signing up now and the program runs until September.

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