Lincolnville town council approves budget to bring back police force

Lincolnville town council approves budget to bring back police force

The Lincolnville Town Council approved a budget Wednesday night that brings back the police department to the small town.

The vote was 4 to 3 with the budget allowing two part time police officers. The positions are expected to be advertised Thursday morning, with the officers starting in 2015.

The town got rid of it's force in 2012.

According to the Charleston County Sheriff's office, this year alone, there has been three shootings in the town.

"Without public safety, you know, no one wants to live in your town," said newly elected Mayor Charles Duberry. "Not only that, when you have a police force, that's when you establish crime watch."

Mayor Duberry says the town, consisting of about 1,100 people, needs heightened security.

That's something people who work in the area agree with.

"I want them to really think about the kids that we have here," said Marilyn Ward. "It's summer. A lot of kids want to go outside and play. Parents are afraid to let them out because we don't know what could happen to them and we're hearing horror stories about kids getting kidnapped right out of their yards. As long as we know we got police force throughout the community, we can let our kids go out in the yard and play."

Charleston County Sheriff's deputies have been patrolling the area for the last two years.

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