Fit Family Challenge: Energizing Snacks

Fit Family Challenge: Energizing Snacks

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - After school, before a workout, during a mid-morning meeting – we all need extra energy for that!

Pull out your planned snack and you'll have the fuel you need to keep on going.

Watch out for treats high in sugar or caffeine – they make you feel better for a little while but eventually lead to that crash that makes you feel foggy and tired.

Go for a snack that has some protein or fiber or bulk so it sticks around until meal time. And bring it with you when you're on the run so you have it when you need it!

Low fat cheese sticks with fruit that have peels are a bonus because you don't have to wash them. Other good protein choices that pair well with fruit are low-fat yogurt and hard boiled eggs.

Three cups of air-popped ppopcorngive you less than 100 calories.

Pretzel snacks are great when dipped in peanut butter or guacamole.

And you can make your own trail mix with nuts, dried fruit and whole-grain cereal to save money and have a nutritious treat always on standby.

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