Customer assaults drive-thru cashier over combo meal size

Customer assaults drive-thru cashier over combo meal size

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the Mount Pleasant Police Department say a customer assaulted a drive-thru cashier after the employee attempted to complete his order.

On Thursday afternoon, police responded to the Wendy's on 1220 Ben Sawyer Blvd. in reference to damage at the restaurant. A manager said a customer in a red pick-up truck damaged the drive-thru window by hitting it and causing it to close on an employee's hand.

The manager told police she managed to get the tag number of the vehicle as the male suspect left the scene.

The victim, a teenaged girl, said it all started when a customer drove to the drive-thru window to get his food, but the victim said she did not have his food because he did not give his full order before approaching.

Police say when the victim asked the the customer what combo meal size he wanted, the man did not answer and instead asked if she had his nuggets.

When the victim told the man that she did not and asked again for the combo size, the customer looked down at a piece of paper "as if he was reading his order."

A police report states the customer then began to mutter and said a derogatory term at which point the victim called another employee over to complete the order. When the employee came over and tried to help, the customer called her "stupid" and told her that she "can't speak English."

A police report states as the victim was holding the drive-thru window open, the customer hit the window causing it to close on the victim's left hand. Authorities say the victim then yelled out that customer had smashed her hand in the drive-thru window. Responding police reported observing that the victim's hand was swollen.

A manager, who heard the commotion, went to the window and was told by the victim that the customer had smashed her hand.

When the manager asked the man why he slammed the window shut on the victim's hand, the customer replied,"I didn't, I was trying to place an order and they act like they couldn't get it correct."

The manager then completed the customer's order, and after speaking with the victim called police.

Police tracked the vehicle to a home on the Isle of Palms, but no one was at the residence.

The victim was transported to a hospital where she received medical attention.

Authorities are continuing the investigation.

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