D-Day veterans honored at Patriots Point

D-Day veterans honored at Patriots Point

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Two World War II veterans continue to fight a battle.

They're working to make sure the sacrifice made by their fellow veterans on D-Day is never forgotten.

They brought their message Friday night to Patriots Point.

Veterans Ari Phoutrides and John Hill both saw action on June 6, 1944. Hill landed on Omaha Beach with the 5th Ranger Battalion. Phoutrides was onboard the USS Laffey providing support for the landing groups.

Hill said, "We jumped in the water [which was] up to my waist...trying to make it to shore. Artillery, bullets all around me."

Both men say they're worried current and future generations are not and will not be exposed enough to their plight on the battlefield.

Phoutrides says, "I think it's extremely important that people understand what every veteran went through and why they did it."

The patriotic pair took part in a forum held at the USS Yorktown. A crowd of all different ages listened intently picking up tidbits that shed light on D-Day's impact.

Afterwards, the men were treated like the heroes they are, signing autographs and shaking hands.

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