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Mighty Sport Combats U.S Sport Drink Waste By Promoting An Eco-Friendly Solution

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All-natural sports drink provider uncovers environmental damage caused by single-serving commercial sports drinks compared to its waste-conscious approach, benefiting consumers and the planet.

June 11, 2014 /MM-prReach/ —

Mighty Sport USA, provider of highly effective, all-natural, sports drink, Mighty Sport, today announced its discovery of the shocking damage caused to the environment by most single-serving bottled sports drinks.

Mighty Sport has learned that 17 Million barrels of oil are used annually to create plastic bottles, and it is estimated 60 million plastic bottles are used per day in the US alone. Some reports cite that as much as 86% of these bottles are used and thrown away, ending up in landfill or, even worse, our oceans, where it’s believed that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic for every square mile of water, threatening marine life and the earth at large.

Further to this, given that most of the ingredients within many commercialised sports drinks are derived from originally solid elements, including large amounts of sugar and artificial colorings and flavors, mixing them with water before sale only adds to their weight and, therefore, transportation cost, increasing their carbon footprint by comparison to Mighty Sport’s compact and undiluted, powdered formula.

“Mighty Sport goes beyond other so called sports drinks sold in single-serving bottles in terms of quality, health benefit and environmental awareness” Said Mark Wilhelmsson, Founder of Mighty-SportUSA.com “We extend the typical sports drink lifespan by sixteen times by delivering our all-natural product in a multi-use form that can be mixed with water in your regular reusable water bottle as required, reducing overall waste and environmental impact. Why should maintaining our health have to affect the wellbeing of our planet?”

These shocking statistics follow earlier revelations from Mighty-SportUSA.com that uncover the dangerous ingredients in some of the world’s most popular sports drinks. Caffeine, a well-known diuretic, plus large volumes of sugar are only part of the problem. Further risk to consumers comes from coloring agents Blue No. 1, Yellow No. 5, Yellow No. 6 and Red No. 40, all of which are banned in many countries and known to cause a range of health issues, all of which are found in many sports drinks from major brands.

As a result of these findings, Mighty Sport has started a petition against major sports drink producers aiming to have these harmful ingredients removed from their allegedly “healthy” products in order to protect the wellbeing of consumers.

More information on the petition can be found here: http://chn.ge/QP78PR

Conversely, Mighty Sport’s environmentally responsible, powdered formula not only reduces waste but is also free of the harmful ingredients used by other brands, focusing instead on natural benefits including plant extracts that promote Nitric Oxide production, Tart Cherry Juice to encourage higher performance and act as an anti-inflammatory and Beetroot Juice for improved blood flow and lower blood pressure, plus many other all-natural ingredients.

Mighty Sport offers a natural way to increase focus and mental clarity, enhance anti-oxidant protection and muscle repair, plus provides electrolytes for optimal hydration and many other natural health benefits.

To find out more about Mighty Sport USA’s findings, its petition against dangerous ingredients in sports drinks, or to request an interview on either topic with the company’s founders, please see the relevant contact information below.

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