Smuggling bust leads to changes in Charleston County

Smuggling Bust lead to changes in Charleston county

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC - Charleston County is changing its rules for delivering medical supplies to inmates. The changes comes after one of the largest illegal smuggling busts in the history of the Al Cannon Detention Center.

"Only prescribed medication will be allowed to be entered into the jail," said Major Eric Watson, a spokesman for the Charleston County Sheriff’s office.

The other change is jail staff will also search and scan all those prescriptions that come in for the inmates.

"What they would normally do is bring the medical supplies here and we would normally rely on the medical staff to come down here, look at it and bring it back to the inmate," Watson said.

Anyone bringing an inmate a prescription must also have a photo ID.

"The actual issue that we dealt with was with medical supplies being dropped in and not being managed properly."

A recent investigation revealed heroin, cocaine, and cell phones smuggled into the jail through saline solution bottles. The sheriff's office says six people were involved in the operation.

Kadrin Singleton, Antonio McNeil and Timothy Patrick are all charged with multiple counts of attempting to give an inmate contraband. On Thursday, a judge set bond at $10,000 for each of Kadrin Singleton's 13 charges and for each of Antonio McNeil's seven charges.

Patrick's bond was set at more than $7,500 all seven of his charges.

Singleton and McNeil are already in jail for murder and Patrick is in jail for two burglaries and possession of marijuana. Two girlfriends on the outside were also involved as well as Brandon Ontrell Williams who is still on the run.

Deputies say they were successful twice, but busted when a detention officer noticed something on an X-ray.

"They took it apart and hid these drugs inside and put it back in the original packaging with foil or something like that to cover it to try to disguise what was inside the bottle," said Mitch Lucas, an assistant sheriff for Charleston County.

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