Attorney asks for sentence reduction for client convicted in murder-for-hire-plot

Attorney asks for sentence reduction for client convicted in murder-for-hire-plot

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - An attorney for a woman convicted in a murder-for-hire-plot is asking for a lighter sentence for his client.

Attorney David Aylor said 38-year-old Wendy Moore was not the mastermind in a plan to kill Nancy Cannon in the Spring of 2013. Moore had been found guilty in February on four charges, and faces up to 30 years in prison.

Aylor cited Cannon's estranged husband and Moore's ex-boyfriend, Chris Latham, and Samuel Yenwine as the two who directed Moore in the alleged plot.

"Wendy Moore repeatedly acted for and under the direction of Samuel Yenawine and, most importantly, Chris Latham," stated Aylor in a sentencing reduction motion."Clearly, she did not plan, organize, or in any way mastermind this event. She acted at the direction and insistence of others, all dominant male figures."

Authorities say Moore and Latham hired a hit man to kill Latham's former wife Nancy Cannon back in April of last year. Latham was found guilty of using interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder for hire, and currently faces 10 years in prison.

Latham's lawyers also requested a downward variance which would allow the judge to select a sentencing range that they deem appropriate for the situation.

The filing for Latham's request states that he was "not the organizer or instigator" of the murder-for-hire plot and also noted that he was not convicted of conspiracy.

The hired hitman and star witness in the trial, Aaron Wilkinson, was sentenced to four years behind bars in March. He pleaded guilty in January.

Prosecutors say Wilkinson exposed the plot to police instead of going through with it. He also testified against Latham and Moore.

Samuel Yenawine, the fourth suspect charged in the case, hanged himself in a Georgetown County jail in June of 2013.

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