Local support helps feed hundreds in the Lowcountry

Local support helps feed hundreds in the Lowcountry

For a lot of people, Summer means vacations and fun in the sun.

But, for some, it means not knowing where your next meal is coming from.

That's why the Lowcountry Food Bank puts together programs to ensure people around the area don't go hungry.

It's an effort that was much appreciated by the hundreds who came out on a hot day to wait in the parking lot of the Gussie Green Community Center in North Charleston.

With hungry stomachs and thankful hearts the line wrapped around the corner, full of people waiting to receive boxes of food.

"To be able to, you know, provide for my son and my family altogether," said Shekim Crosby. "You know, it's a blessing."

"I have Multiple Sclerosis," said Deborah Keene. "I'm disabled and I moved to South Carolina and things are really hard. But, this is a blessing."

Shekim Crosby said without this food drive, she'd struggle to provide for her 2-year-old son Kendall and her family.

"Its great that we have community individuals that would come out and give back to the community," said Crosby.

Needs were met in the form of carrot sticks and butternut squash.

It's an effort that's possible thanks to local support.

"Morgan Stanley is giving $50,000 to the Lowcountry food bank. And, it brings the total to $150,000 in the last year," said Morgan Stanley Branch Manager Martha McNeil.

June is global volunteer month. So, people at Morgan Stanley came out to package food, hand-out food and give back in more than just a financial way.

"I think that sometimes we get wrapped up in looking at things from a higher level and I think it's just good to roll your sleeves up and get dirty and get in the middle of an organization and see what they're really doing," said McNeil.

The money will go toward the school pantry program to feed kids next school year.

The volunteer work will help feed the nearly 200,000 mouths that are reached every year by the Lowcountry Food Bank.

For Crosby, that means breakfast, lunch and dinner for her family.

"Thank you for giving back," said Crosby. "You know, because it's greatly appreciated."

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