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10-week-old puppy brutally beaten in Montgomery, owner arrested

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A small puppy is recovering at a Montgomery veterinarian's office after officers say he was beaten unconscious by his owner. 

A neighbor reportedly witnessed the abuse and notified authorities Thursday night, and they responded to a home in the 2000 block of Cherry Street, not far from Ann Street and Highland Avenue. 

Montgomery humane officials say the puppy made a mistake inside the house, sparking a sudden burst of rage from his owner. 

"The neighbor said they witnessed their neighbor throw this dog outside the back door at which time, the dog hit the dog house. Then they came outside and they said the neighbor started hitting the dog and kicking the dog until it was unconscious," said Montgomery Humane Officer Robert Bryant. 

Officers responded to the scene and found the 10-week-old mixed breed puppy motionless. He was rushed to the Carmichael Road Animal Clinic where Dr. Neil Westbrook and staff members began treating his injuries. 

"He had a broken leg, severe tongue laceration. He was comatose. He had apparently been hit in the head, thrown against a wall. We treated him for shock and pain and cleaned up his wounds. We have a splint on his leg and have sutured his tongue," Westbrook said. 

"From what I understand the puppy was thrown, kicked, punched. It suffered broken bones, broken teeth and there was concern about internal damage to his organs. The dog is doing OK and we're hopeful but it's a tragedy. To beat something as defenseless as a puppy, I just don't have the words to express my disgust," said Steven Tears, executive director of the Montgomery Humane Society. 

On Friday, the puppy, named Tank, showed signs of improvement. 

"He's still a friendly, happy little dog despite his previous treatment so we're very happy with his progress so far," Westbrook added. 

Tank's owner was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty. The owner is currently facing municipal charges for failure to appear.

Tears says once the city case is resolved, the owner will be transferred to the county jail where he will be served the warrant on the animal cruelty charge. His name was not released. The case will then be presented to a Montgomery County grand jury for review. If convicted, he faces one to 10 years in prison. 

"It breaks our heart but it's why we're here. It's what we do. We're just grateful that the Montgomery Police Department was on the scene and they were able to apprehend the gentlemen and our deputies were able to sign the warrant and we're hoping for a conviction," Tears said.

As for Tank, he has a long road to recovery. It will take several months for him to fully heal from his injuries. He will remain at the Carmichael Road Animal Clinic for several more days and then he will be transferred to the Montgomery Humane Society where he will be placed up for adoption. 

"My hope for Tank, like all animals that we rescue and all those out there, is that we can get them a full recovery and find them a good home, better than the last," added Officer Bryant. 

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