Animal clinic donates cooling gear to military dogs serving in Afghanistan

Animal clinic donates cooling gear to military dogs serving in Afghanistan

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - In May, a Berkeley County animal clinic honored local military families by protecting our four-legged service members on the front lines of Afghanistan.

The Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek raised and donated $1900 for eight vests and 32 cooling packs for dogs that spend their days in temperatures upwards of a 100 degrees.

The pack reaches its ideal temperature of 54 to 59 degrees by putting it in ice water or a fridge. The military version of the vests is a camouflage motif. They keep the dogs cool for three to four hours allowing them to work in extreme heat sniffing out explosives.

"Risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion are a real problem for them, and it is their job to protect our troops and without this, they're unable to have them out in the sun for long periods of time," says hospital manager Rebecca Infinger.

"These dogs are giving of themselves without really being asked, and they love what they do, and they need to be protected," says Kaki Lankau, co-owner of the clinic.

This was the first time the clinic rallied behind the cause. Infinger and Lankau say it won't be the last.

"So many of our clients in the area are military families and knowing that their spouses, their brothers, their sisters, their husbands, their wives are working there and we're able to provide the protection for the dogs that are protecting them really made us feel good about this project."

"We are so amazed at how our clients responded. Not just our clients, but friends of our clients who saw it through Facebook and shared it, and then they shared it and shared it. We had donations from New York. We had donations from California. People that had never been here who felt a kinship to this cause."

The vests are directly shipped from the company to the various stations in Afghanistan for security reasons. There are currently 700 dogs serving in Afghanistan. For more information, head to